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Biodigester with Vermicomposting

Vermi Composting

This project focuses on converting waste lands to productive organic farm lands. The project will capture methane released from bio-waste and crop residues to methane gas which will be used for cooking reducing the use of LPG gas. Students will research the use of solar and passive technologies to
maintain required temperature to optimize the gas and fertilizer production cost effectively. As part of the project a 85 m3/day biogas plant with the 75% subsidy of Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) will be  commissioned. Along with the biogas plant a vermicomposting plant will also be commissioned.

The inclusion of crop residue in envisaged by chopping it and adding in to biodigester slurry with same amount of garden soil. This will be fed to vermicomposting plant and good quality organic manure will be prepared. The produced gas will be supplied to nearby home for domestic purposes.

  • Project Cost

    ₹ 20,00,000/-

  • Sponsorship Required

    ₹ 4,22,000/-

  • Cost Share

    GEDA GRANT: Rs. 12,78,000/-, WinBuild Inc. USA: 1,50,000/-

  • Project Status