Center of Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Center for Studies in Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Renewable Energy


AISECC is set up with the following objectives:

  • To develop academic excellence in energy efficiency and care for the graduate and postgraduate
    students through specialized courses and quality research work.
  • To develop an association with national and international academic and research institutes for the
    research and technology development in energy, environment and climate change.
  • To develop an association with the government and private sector, including industries for research and
    technology development, assessment etc., in energy efficiency and climate change.
  • Conduct sponsored and action research in the field of energy efficiency and climate change.
  • Organizing national and international seminars, exhibitions, workshops and training & capacity building
    programs to develop comprehensive understanding among participating and networking partners.
  • Providing leadership for organizing international delegations and industrial visits to increase knowledge
    and understanding of various partners and better implement various projects.

Focus Area and KRA ( Key Result Area ) of AISECC :

  • Smart and sustainable villages
  • Renewable energy e-mobility, energy storages
  • Climate Change mitigation, adaption and resilience
    studies and practices
  • Technology evaluation, assessment and adoption as
    per local Indian requirement
  • Climate Friendly states in rural areas with a focus
    on gender, agriculture and resource utilization and
  • Climate-resilient structures and construct housing
    for economically weaker section Research in
    Energy, climate and environment
  • Common heating / Air conditioning systems and
    heat recovery systems
  • Green rating as per national and international
    guidelines with energy auditing of manufacturing
    and process industries
  • Public awareness and ICT activities
    Cool roof to reduce heat iland effect in urban and
    rural areas
  • Environmental audits policy and governance and
    urban environmental mananagment
  • Research projects and consultancy in all the above
  • Projects on Climate Resillient Agriculture