Center of Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Center for Studies in Energy Efficiency & Climate Change

Solar Pumping & Drip Irrigation

Use of Solar Pumping & Drip Irrigation in built Farm Pond for Irrigation: Solar Pumping & Drip Irrigation This research project focuses on economical use of water resources for farm irrigation and use of renewable (solar) energy to make farms carbon neutral. The Khet Talawadi (Farm Pond) is ensuring collection and proper utilization of the […]

Imaging using UAV (Drone)


Imaging using UAV (Drone) Drone Research project mechanical and electrical engineering students to develop a drone which will have an attachment to interchangeably carry regular camera or thermal infrared imaging camera and store images. This drone will be used for capturing photographs and analyzing the impact of cool coatings. Pixel methodology will be developed to […]

Biodigester with Vermicomposting


Biodigester with Vermicomposting Vermi Composting This project focuses on converting waste lands to productive organic farm lands. The project will capture methane released from bio-waste and crop residues to methane gas which will be used for cooking reducing the use of LPG gas. Students will research the use of solar and passive technologies tomaintain required […]